Christmas All Around


Hello friends and family!

I know I know, I haven´t updated this blog in sooo long. My bad, my bad. Well you see, cramming for five final exams that take place within five consecutive weeks does occupy a rather large amount of my daylight hours (thankfully I have more of those here than I would back home. When does the sun set in Sweden nowadays? Three o´clock? 😉 ) Instead I live for the night, where I don´t usually bring my camera.

Having said that, there has been some lunches on the beach and co-studying at one of the many delicious cafés here in Barcelona ( and yes I do feel knowledgeable enough on the subject matter to write a guide – keep an eye out on !) However, few things can beat dancing until your feet bleed to gorgeous Rock and Roll in a converted theater with a hundred drunken Barcelonians.

When it comes to the Special Christmas Feeling the snowy North so eloquently bestow  upon me every year around this time, I certainly did not expect to find it among the orange trees of my street here. Boy was I in for a surprise. Along came the Christmas lights and the market and suddenly it makes perfect sense to celebrate the first of Advent tonight. I will be introducing Swedish Glögg (mulled wine) and pepparkakor (ginger cookies)  to my dear Mediterranean roomies. This could be interesting!

Hugs and cheerio xx




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