A Walk in the Parc

Hello friends and family!

Those of you who have been to Barcelona know that there are some big mountains just behind the city.  They´re a part of Parc de Collserola and it´s where I chose to spend my dia libre with two friends, hiking here and there and everywhere while on our way to Laberint d´Horta. We didn´t have a map which just made it all that much more exciting!

The Spanish sun was hot as a summer´s day in Sweden and we walked in our t-shirts wishing we were wearing shorts. I´m writing this sentence in mid-November and I can´t believe my luck. The weeks pass by and yet the temperature rarely goes below 20 degrees during the day. The winds are slightly colder and of course in the evening the temperature drops so that we also get to experience the coziness of autumn. But during the days, the blissful days, we still walk around in blouses and shirts and have our drinks on the outside terazza.

After walking for nearly five hours Stina, Sara and I finally reached Laberint d´Horta only to find it was closed for maintenance. As the good girls we are we obviously obeyed and stayed behind the fence…. or? 😉

Hugs and cheerio xx


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