Miriam was here!

Hello friends and family!

Miriam came to visit me here in Barcelona! We met in New Zealand about one and a half years ago, became friends within three weeks, hitchhiked across the country and then had to say goodbye as I was heading north to go home. A few months later I went to visit her in Germany and now finally, a year later, she could visit me. I don´t know what´s with this girl but we always end up on these crazy adventures!

Of course I took her to my favorite place here in Barcelona, the Bunkers, but we somehow managed to climb the wrong mountain on the way (me in high heels!) We also went to Parc de la Ciutadella, Sagrada Familia,  the beautiful palace museum on Montjuic and around the old quarters. We had a crazy night out playing pool and hanging out with some…uhm.. very Kiwish New Zealanders (man, I thought I had gotten used to their ways after a year there…apparently not!) and then I got food poisoning and had to lie in bed half the day (never eating Kebab in Spain ever again!) but we still had time to enjoy a sunny afternoon by the Harbor where Miriam got pooped on by a passing seagull. Funniest three days I a long time 😀

Hugs and cheerio xx


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