On Top of the Mountain

Hello friends and family!

Montserrat. Where to start? Whenever I have googled “day hikes Barcelona” this one has been on every single list, almost to the point of me not wanting to go there because my expectations were sure to be crushed. Can it really be that special? I thought to myself. But we had a day off, the sun was shining and two beautiful friends were up for some outdoor adventures. We decided to go.

It was the weirdest mountain I have ever seen. No wonder Gaudi´s buildings contain the craziest figures, considering he drew inspiration from this very place. Did you find the Ninja Turtle and the walrus in the photos above? It was also very beautiful. I do understand now why everyone is raving about it. It is a lone mountain, casting its shadow over the flatlands as far as the eye can see, 1200 meters above sea level and teeming with wildlife. We were lucky enough to see the endangered Ibex (mountain goat) chilling in the sun on a cliff not far away.

In the end we walked for about five hours, crossing the entire mountain and picnicking for about two with a beautiful view over a golden Mediterranean in the distance. I am simply awe-struck by the beauty I get to see here.

Hugs and cheerio xx


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