A Hike along the Coast

Hello friends and family!

Is there a better way to spend your Sunday afternoon than to go for an autumny walk along the cliffs of the coast with a glittering Mediterranean stretching out as far as the eye can see? It was actually the first time I got out in to nature in over two months (!!), I am ashamed to admit. The group consisted of around 30 people, all members of a group called “Get out of Barcelona” on Meetup.com. For those of you who have not discovered meetup yet, I advice you to check it out. It´s a lovely way to meet new people who share your interest! Before this I have also gone to a Writer´s Meetup at a local café here in Barcelona and enjoyed it immensely.

The hike itself was not very long, only about an hour and a half along the coast between Vilanova and Sitges, and with great company time passed much too fast. Conversations were held in a mix of Spanish and English and I loved how I was able to switch between these two favorite foreign languages of mine without much difficulty. When we reached the famous town of Sitges we walked along the boulevard, had a beer on the beach and explored the medieval quarters before settling down for some delicious Pintxos. All in all, it was a beautiful day 🙂

Hugs and cheerio xx


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