The most Perfect Day

Hello friends and family!

Last week was an absolute bore in many ways. I had so much to study and with everything else that goes on in my professional life at the moment, I was literally glued to my computer. I did however have some really fun nights out, including Stand Up Comedy, Erasmus House Party and “the Most Famous Cocktail Bar in Barcelona” (or the world, if you are to believe them). Work all day and party all night, ey? Good thing I had a me-day last Friday.

I woke up rather late, had a delicious Greek-yoghurt-and-honey breakfast and allowed myself some time to watch my new TV-series craze (Starcrossed. I love them aliens, alrighty) In the afternoon I decided to make studying slightly more enjoyable by going to one of the many beautiful parks here in Barcelona. So off I went into the sunshine, skipping past Gaudi buildings and world famous landmarks, stopping off at my favorite café for a take away and a flirt with the cute barista before deciding to treat myself to the Lindt store selection of goodies. Late October was turning the leaves golden, yet I was not cold as I sat down on the steps of Monument Fountain in a summer dress and cream-colored knit to read up on Spanish history. The sky was blue, the birds were singing and the couple in front of me were feasting on wine and cheese, their children playing with their friends in the distance. And I, I could not imagine a more perfect day.

Hugs and cheerio xx


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