Tarragona is not only a chocolate

Hello friends and family!

Yesterday our professor took us to the beautiful city of Tarragona an hour south of Barcelona by train. It was once the western center of the Roman Empire and the streets are littered with some of the world´s most well preserved buildings and art pieces from this era. The Amphitheatre was impressive but I was more fascinated by a 2800 year old Barbie Doll with bendable arms and legs, the only of it´s kind in the world, found in the grave of a young child.

After a mediocre lunch at a sunny plaza everyone decided to head back home to Barcelona. I, however, felt like enjoying the sunny day and decided to purposely get lost in the winding streets of the Medieval area. I felt like a child, sneaking through narrow passages and hunching through tiny tunnels, never knowing where I would end up. I passed so many beautiful places on the way, stopped and gawked at wonderful architecture and just felt such joy at being alive and being here. After watching the sun set over the Mediterranean I spent the whole train journey back speaking to a friendly Portuguese girl in Spanish and barely struggled at all. What a day 🙂

Hugs and cheerio xx


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