Swedish Kanelbulle


Old photo of me and a Jumbo-kanelbulle

Hello friends and family!

After discovering it was The Day of The Kanelbulle in Sweden last weekend I went crazy on Google in order to find a place where they sell it here in Barcelona. To my utter relief I found Pappa Sven in center of town, a restaurant with a not-so-small deli dedicated to all things Swedish. Yes you heard right. Aside from the Kanelbullar they also offer Swedish crisps, chocolate, candy, pastries and more… I had to restrain myself or I would have bought the whole place! I know where I´m going for Christmas Lunch in December 🙂

We brought our fika to the staircases in front of the national Museum of Art palace and enjoyed the view and sunshine before deciding to go off and explore. We went over to the Olympic Stadium of the 1992 games which was trés cool and saw the eternal flame. Emilia discovered her new favorite place in Barcelona after we stumbled across a beautifully designed park, lush with greenery and littered with fountains. And I, I fell in love with this city just a tiny bit more.

Hugs and cheerio xx


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