Mamma was here!

Hello friends and family!

My dear mother came to visit me here in Barcelona last week and in four days time we somehow managed to cover almost all famous and not-so-famous sights as well as a long afternoon on the beach. (I was on the beach in October! SWIMMING! I love this place!) We also had time to get lost in old town gelato in hand, going on another Sandemans free walking tours (It´s official, I´m addicted to these!) and eat an obscene amount of food ranging from Brunch to dinner, Pancakes to Tapas.

Of course I had to bring her up to my new favorite hide out – the bunkers – where we were fortunate enough to view another breathtaking sunset. It was a serious test for her as she´s very scared of heights but she overcame it eventually and enjoyed the moment. I´m proud of you mamma!

I really enjoyed guiding her through my new hometown. There is something special about being able to show all your favorite hidden nooks and crannies that you know they would never have found otherwise. Barcelona is starting to feel more like home every day. Wow.

Hugs and cheerio xx


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