The Most Swedish food in the World

Hello friends and family!

After weeks of festivals and partying a few of us Swedes felt like we needed a cozy night in this weekend. So a bunch of us congregated in Emilia’s salon for aperitifs (Sangria!) , scaring off her French roomies in the process. We decided to cook the most Swedish thing one could possibly have a Friday night; Taco. Which is basically Tapas with the only condition that everything needs to fit in to a tortilla bread. Man do we love our Taco.

After uncountable bottles of Sangria topped with a nice layer of dark chocolate baileys and Nutella brownies we decided we needed to transform this girl´s night in to a girl´s night out. Obviously. We do live in Barcelona. We ended up in dungeon-style underground club dancing the night away. A pretty awesome ending to a “quiet dinner at home”.

Hugs and cheerio xx


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