Introducing Barcelona

Dear friends and family!

Louise stayed with me in Barcelona for almost two weeks when we arrived from Paris and we met some lovely, lovely girls from Canada who we went to full moon parties on the beach and dinners at THE BEST TAPAS PLACE EVER with. (How is it possible that three separate groups of Toronto girls all end up in the same dormitory at the same time?? Just us and the Torontians haha) This gorgeous woman helped me in my search for a place to stay and supported me when I thought I was never going to find one.  Thank you for everything love ❤

Also a big thank you to the stranger we encountered while lost on the streets of Paris in the middle of the night when the metro stopped going. You were the one who finally convinced me that Gracia is the place to live in. It has become my cozy sanctuary in the hustle and bustle tourist-craze that is Barcelona.

School started with tons of information, Louise left, I visited five appartments and rang a hundred more (in Spanish may I add. Phone Spanish. Help!), moved in to an 8-bed dorm with party people and landed myself in the hospital with suspected Vertigo, all in the same week. After this weeks of festivals, partying on coca cola ( because of the antibiotics. It´s crazy expensive! The coca cola I mean, not the meds. Alcohol is cheaper here. Yes you heard that right) new friends in three languages, moving in to my new flat (iiiih!) and intense studies. So maybe my more-than-crappy-updating can be excused. Just a little. I shall better myself. 😉

Hugs and cheerio xx


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