Paris I adore you




Hello friends and family!

Here is a wee update from my beautiful week in Paris. Barcelonian adventures will follow soon!

In Paris I met up with my dear friend Louise and we were fortunate enough to rent a lovely, tiny little room in Montmartre. So in the mornings we would grab a croissant at the cozy corner bakery before heading off for adventures in the Louvre or along the Seine. The perfect start to perfect days, I´d say!

Although some parts of the city was overtaken by tourists we did get to see a lot of the more genuine Paris as well. We simply got on the metro and got off whenever we felt like it. Once it brought us to the best gelato of our lives!(!!) We also ended up having dinner at sunset under a nearly empty Arc d´Triumph and gazing up at a sparkling Eiffel tower from the park instead of the overcrowded Trocadero square.We had wine and berries by the Seine, went on yet another walking tour (I´m getting seriously addicted to these!) took some seriously quirky photos and just generally ate our way through the city. Literally. Macaroons you make me swoon. One day I shall live here.

Hugs and cheerio xx


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