The adventures of grandma and Ellie

Hello friends and family!

My dear grandmother turned 70 earlier this year while I was still living in Norway. Her birthday gift from me was a day trip to Stockholm. I know some of you might be thinking “why are you taking a 70-year old lady in to the big city for an entire day??” But my grandma isn´t really old. I used to think 70 was really old, but walking the streets of Stockholm with her changed my mind.

She´s a fashionista. She loves shopping but she can also wander around looking at beautiful buildings for hours. She enjoyed our spontaneous cruise out to an island in the archipelago and she joined me fighting for a good spot on the boat amongst the German tourists. And when we returned to our city late at night she walked me home, got on her bike and biked home.  Aging doesn´t scare me as much anymore.

Hugs and cheerio xx


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