Stockholm day trip





Hello friends and family!

Another mini vacation with my family, this time to the capital. I do love living this close to Stockholm. There´s so much to do here and still our favorite past time is to simply wander about aimlessly and watch the beautiful buildings of Old Town. Oh and eat of course. Eat a lot hihi. Luckily we found the perfect alley bistro with just enough people to feel the hustle and bustle of the city without being completely trampled.

In the afternoon, as the lovely Swedish summer rain hurtled from the sky, we nipped into the Royal Castle to brush elbows with excited German tourists. However, the King wasn´t at home and so we continued to the Medieval Museum. I always find it fascinating to read about life hundreds or even thousands of year ago, especially after having lived in a country like New Zealand with such short history. I wouldn´t have wanted to live in Medieval Stockholm though. It stank pretty badly.

Hugs and cheerio xx

PS: yes, that is a bag from the Sci-fi bookshop. Can anyone ever visit that place without buying the entire store? I sure can´t.


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