Weekend getaway on the island


Hello friends and family!

My family and I really love going on mini vacations when we have some time off. For once the weather was supposed to be alright (Swedish standards, which means above 20C and occasional sunshine haha) So we took to the beautiful country roads and made our way to the old village of Gränna to catch the boat. The best way to get around Visingsö, the island, is by horse and carriage. It´s such a cosy experience!

The Hot air balloon club just happened to have a massive launch as we returned to our hotel and I couldn´t be more jealous. It´s definitely on my bucket list! I heard Turkey´s supposed to be the perfect place to do it. Any other suggestions?

On our way back home we stopped by a traditional Swedish Bakery and had the best shrimp sandwich of my life. It´s basically in the middle of nowhere but always full of people and it makes me so happy to see small town businesses doing so well. The perfect ending to a perfect weekend. 🙂

Hugs and cheerio xx


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