Spending the summer back home

Hello friends and family!

I have been back in Sweden for three weeks now and it´s just been the best time. I´ve missed everyone sooo much and being able to catch up and hang out for real is absolutely wonderful. I finally went and bought myself a new camera too! It will take some time getting used to but I´m already in love. Please welcome my Olympus OMD E-10 😀 Here´s a quick recap of the week I´ve spent with it.

We went to this awesome museum filled with all things 50s and 60s. Lots of nostalgic moments.

Taking over the world with this lovely lady, one café breakfast at a time.

I mean like every morning, we just can´t get enough. (And the scones makes me miss England and afternoon tea…)

We also went to the Air Force museum. It´s pretty cool that the Swedish aerial fleet was the first in the world to consist exclusively of jet planes and that it all started here in my little town.

Momma´s new baby now that my brother and I´ve grown up.

Went to IKEA for dinner. There´s just something about it that really makes me feel at home. I´m such a Swede.

And today I had a nice long writing session before mum showed up to chat. It´s going pretty well!

Tomorrow I´m going down south with my family for an island visit and some delicious hotel breakfast.

Hugs and cheerio xx






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