Two craziees in the big Town

Hello friends and family!

Last week I got a bit of a preview of what I can expect of this summer as I had the entire week off – and Louise was visiting. Oh that woman. She´s amazing! We´re celebrating ten years of friendship this summer and still she never fails to inspire me every time we meet.

After a quick visit to my favorite restaurant down by the harbor here in town (where I always end up in the same spot, thus the photos look exactly the same!) we decided to go hang out with Kajsa in the capital. It´s almost embarrassing to say I have only been there once before and that time I didn´t think much of it. Boy was I in for a surprise! It´s a lovely city at the top end of a fjord and after wandering about the hipster cafés, climbing the opera house and taking the underground up to the in-city mountain where all the ski competitions are held I have completely changed my mind about the place.

We also visited the Nobel Peace Prize Center. To hear the stories of the all the laureates was awe-inspiring to say the least. It makes you want to change the world, in any way possible. Need I say we spent the following hours at a café discussing exactly how to do that? 😉

I´ll return tomorrow with more stories and photos. For now I wish you all a goodnight, whenever that might occur for you.

Hugs and cheerio xx


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