Mum was here!


My beautiful mother ❤

We got to watch the Norwegians celebrate their Independence day. And let me tell you, they know how to celebrate. Getting rid of the Swedish laws, that is 😛

This is my boyfriend Thor. I met him outside the Viking museum. He´s rock solid.

Hello friends and family!

My mum finally got the chance to come and visit me in Norway. All together, before and after New Zealand, I have lived in this town for nearly 14 months. Although my main reason for living here is to make money for traveling, it also happens to be a pretty good place to live for other reasons as well. Perhaps it takes having a visitor to show around to truly appreciate it. Or perhaps it´s easier to do so now in the spring greenery with only weeks left until I move back to Sweden for a bit of summer holiday. Either way, the days I spent with mum here were absolutely fabulous.

I realized it was the first time I got to show my mother my very own apartment (The student dorms in Brighton doesn´t really count.) I´m glad it was this beautiful apartment and not the one I lived in last time in Norway, with four of us crammed in one bedroom-living room-kitchen-room. This is pure luxury in comparison. It was a special feeling showing her the home I´ve made here for myself. Although I haven´t made that much of an effort when it comes to design because A. I´ve known all along it´s only temporary and B. I probably have to get it home all by myself on the train, it is still a home. I am sure I will miss it when I leave.

Hugs and cheerio xx


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