Iron man on water

Camera 14MP-9PC

Camera 14MP-9PC

Camera 14MP-9PC

Hello friends and family!

The workers independence day meant a boat exhibition for some unknown reason and the entire village seemed to have congregated down by the harbor to watch speedboats race next to an exact replica of a Viking ship and a ginormous pirate ship. Although being allowed to board that ship was an experience in itself, the real deal happened out in the water. Two men had donned wetsuits and were wearing what looked like water jet shoes that allowed them to fly. I´m not kidding, check out the video if you don´t believe me.

Malin and I were just staring at them, open mouthed and thinking how incredibly awesome it would be to try. I, of course, would be wearing an iron man suit. Now I just have to figure out a way to get my hands on those jet-thingies. I´m guessing they might be similar to a fire hose? It´s all about the pressure. Or magic. I´m sure Google will sort me out.

I hope tomorrow turns out sunny because I have the day off and we all know what that means: marathon writing with a coffee or two in the outdoor patio of a café of course. Wish me luck!

Hugs and cheerio xx


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