Day or night?

Camera 14MP-9PC

Tried out a 50s style last Friday. I just love dressing up for the weekend, especially now when I spend all my weekdays in heavy workwear.

Good evening (good morning)

I’ve been working nights this week and it really messes with my energy levels. I sleep well but it’s never enough and when I’m awake I can do nothing but read or watch TV. It’s kind of nice too though in a lazy way, especially since I discovered The DVD section at the library… And we get to spend the afternoon with our friends as they work morning and sleep while we work and we sleep while they work… You get the point. It’s nice.

Well it´s getting dark outside so I better get ready to go to work!

PS: I had Swedish mudcake today and it´s just the most delicious awesomeness!! If you want to try it out for yourself( which you do if you in anyway like chocolate!) here´s a recipe in English. Your welcome 😉

Hugs and cheerio xx


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