Springtime wonder

Camera 14MP-9PC

Camera 14MP-9PC

Camera 14MP-9PC

Hello friends!

Spring has finally arrived! Yippie!!!Bring out the sunshine and the world suddenly feels so much prettier. It feels so gooood! I had the loveliest Saturday. A sleep in followed by some really enthusiastic shopping (gotta bring some color to my wardrobe!) and a long relaxed lunch in the sun down by the harbor with my girls. Finished off at the cinema watching the new and very beautiful retelling of Cinderella. We all agreed it was the most perfect day in a long time 🙂

However I did have to stay awake until after five o clock this morning as I will work the night shift for the next coming two weeks. Weirdly enough it wasn´t difficult at all. Thank god for the internet. I have a feeling time will pass very quickly, as it always does when working night and before I know it it will be Easter and time to go home and visit again. I´m so looking forward to it!

Hugs and cheerio xx


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