Love of learning: The BBC

Good evening friends!

Before y´all run out for Saturday night beers with friends or watch that movie with your popcorn bowl, have a wee look here. Maybe you´ll find something you like 🙂

I spend most of my work days listening to BBC podcasts to avoid intellectual drought at my very much physically orientated workplace. My favorite is “a history of the world in a hundred objects” and it has taught me about so much more than just history. Human nature, psychology, society and business, it´s all there.  It also bursts the bubble of European superiority by showing greater civilizations all across the globe and proves once and for all the stupidity of racism. Nothing old and dry about this goodie, no.

At the moment however, I´m listening to BBC College of Production where the BBC greats and other professionals discuss anything and everything concerning TV and radio production. It´s a must for anyone considering a career in media, whether you´re going big-scale or small, independent or as a part of a national production company. The podcasts have titles such as “How to get into TV”,  “How to pitch an idea” and “Budget filmmaking” along with recorded Master classes… I can´t help but be fascinated!

Whatever subject you´re interested in, I´m sure the BBC has got a podcast for you. Money, cooking, sports or science, they got it covered. Perfect for long car rides or afternoons on the bus. Myself, I´ll be looking for some comedy next time to brighten up those dull days 🙂

Hugs and cheerio xx



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