Living the quiet life

Camera 14MP-9PC

Hello friends!

We have almost reached the weekend again, isn´t it crazy how time just seem to fly by sometimes? I don´t mind because I really and truly look forward to the arrival of spring. I need sunlight.

I lead a quiet life here at the moment. Last weekend Jennika taught me how to play chess and I lost every single game. I still think I looked rather sophisticated going at it. Afterwards I brought a spoon and jar of Nutella to the cinema for an evening with Mr. Grey and completely lost that sophistication. Still enjoyed myself though 😉

Yesterday me and Molly finished off two HUGE pieces of cake, one chocolate fudge and one oreo chocolate dream cake at a local café and boy did I enjoy that. (Wednesday-fika is an old and highly respected Scandinavian tradition)

And do you know what I did today? No? Well it was the best moment of the day….. I got myself a library card!! Wohoo 😀

Hugs and cheerio xx


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