Semla morning

Camera 14MP-9PC

Good morning friends!

We did it. We made it. It´s finally FRIDAY! I have one more shift to go before a well deserved weekend, but just the thought of it being Friday makes the prospect of going to work oh so much easier. And it´s a short day too 🙂

Remember that post I made a few weeks ago about the Swedish Semla? Well yesterday our friends surprised me and Jenks with Semlor and what could have been a real shitty morning became one of indulgence instead. Okay, I admit, looking at the photo they don´t really look all that special. Kind of like hamburgers with whipped cream instead of meat. It´s all in the taste. YUMMIE!

On a fun note the tradition of celebrating what we here call Fat Tuesday, the last day before Easter fasting, actually exists all over the world. The Germans and French celebrate it with carnivals, Mardis Gras in New Orleans stem from this. Even the Brits go crazy having pancakes for dinner. But we up here in the north, we stick to our whipped cream burgers. At least we´ve given up on the other part of the tradition, whipping each other with twigs. Crazy Vikings.

Have a lovely Friday ❤

Hugs and cheerio xx


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