Love of learning: FutureLearn

Hello folks!

I really enjoyed writing about language learning earlier and it was great to see some of you taking the time to check out the websites I recommended. So I decided to continue showing you how I bring some learning into everyday life. Today I cover online courses. I hope you´ll find it inspiring!

My favorite site for free online courses is FutureLearn, where UK´s, and more increasingly the world´s, top universities offer MOOCs (massive open online courses) This far I have received two diplomas, one in Digital marketing from University of Southampton and one in Innovation and Enterprise from Loughborough University.

Two weeks ago UK National Film and Television School launched its new course “Filmmaking: from script to screen” and I couldn’t´t be more excited! Being taught by professionals in the TV industry along with having the input of thousands of classmates of varying backgrounds and levels of experience has made it one of the most exciting courses of my life. A definitive must-do for any aspiring filmmaker! It focuses on the UK which is wonderful for me as I have great respect for British filmmaking and hope to be involved with it in the future.

FutureLearn courses are free, only requires between 2-6 hours a week and you can study whenever you want to. Whatever subject area you´re interested in, they probably got it covered. Myself, I´m looking forward to “How to succeed at interviews” next. Go check it out!

Hugs and cheerio!



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