Work hard

Camera 14MP-9PC

Valentine´s day coffee break. Wonder how many photos of coffee I´ve posted since that first latte in England? I just love it!

Hello dear readers, merry Monday to you!

No matter how much I might dislike Mondays, I do like the fresh start it brings with it. Time to put the failures of last week behind you and get ready to work hard on the things you love the most. It´s what I will do.

Last week was a hard one but I did get some awesome things done. The project is running more smoothly than ever and it feels as if we are soo close to reaching that first milestone. My course in Filmmaking is just getting more and more interesting and I´m really excited about this week´s new challenges. I even had time to make pink heart-shaped pancakes as a little Valentine´s days treat for my girls. Finished off the day at the cinema, watching “the theory of everything”. Beautiful film with wonderful actors. Go watch it!

How was your Valentine´s day? 🙂

Hugs and cheerio xx


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