Weekend in Sweden



I have had the coziest weekend back home, seeing so many of my friends and a few family members as well. Stayed up until three o´clock with mum, just sitting in the couch talking one night. I truly appreciate those small but o so important moments. I´ve also had time to work on my project with Louise and it´s turning out pretty darn well. Stay tuned! And a big thanks to my brother for helping us out, you´re the best bro!

Of course I also went out one night, starting off with dinner and Bailey´s hot chocolate (YUMMIE!!) and finishing it off with crazy dance at the club. Pretty awesome night! Now I gotta run downstairs and have a SEMLA (Swedish pastry gaaah it´s good!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semla )

Hugs and cheerio xx


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