A little trip back home to Sweden

Well, one and a half hour on a bus followed by almost seven hours on a train might not be so little after all. In fact, it would be both a lot quicker and cheaper for me to take a twenty minute bus ride to the closest airport and get on an hour-long flight to London. Isn´t that crazy?

But I happen to enjoy riding the train. In fact I love it. It gives me time to think, to read, to work on projects. Especially since Norwegian/Swedish trains haven´t invented free wifi yet and I therefore cannot waste time googling “how to travel the world for free” for the 100th time or chatting away the hours with friends. If there is anything I truly enjoy working on, it´s projects. Big or small, theoretical or practical, I love them. Envisioning the end result before breaking it down into parts, mapping out what is needed and attacking the problems with creative solutions. Perhaps I should work with it in the future. Any good suggestions? 🙂
Right now though, I´ll do nothing more than spend time with my lovely family.
Hugs and cheerio!

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